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Max Yields | How to Earn 15-20% Interest without Trading

An on-demand video course

Be the bank, beat the street. Lend and earn up to a 20% interest on your dollarsLiquidate to cash in minutesLet the blockchain do the work for youThere's no price watching, so you can earn passively without the pain or time of trading

Learn how billions of the smartest dollars in crypto are doing this with no active trading.

Meet Max

Max first bought crypto in 2012 for less than $5 a bitcoin, selling it for $10 like a genius... His "$40 million for $4,000" summer. He came back in 2019 in time for the revolution in DeFi and the biggest crypto bull market in history.

Max's background in machine learning engineering, monetary economics, and data science informs his analysis. And yet it's his study of psychology and personality that gives him his edge in markets.

After successfully coaching and consulting individuals and business owners, he started Max Yields, the go-to place for signal in a noisy environment, delivering the best thinking on crypto, web3, and money.

"Which crypto should I get?"

People want to know which cryptocurrency will be the next one to double or 10x. The answer is: no one knows. But buying and holding tokens is no longer the only or best way to expose yourself to returns in the crypto economy.

DeFi—decentralized finance—has ushered in a new era.

Max with Mike Dillard and Dan Held, November 2021.

What is DeFi?

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a system that permits anyone access to financial activities—lending, borrowing, banking, insurance, and more—without 3rd-party gatekeepers.

That means investments and financial arrangements normally available only to Wall Street are now accessible to everyone. DeFi has democratized finance.

And those hefty fees Wall Street collects?

They now go to us.

Crypto Financial Disclaimer

We are not accountants, financial advisors, attorneys, or tax advisers, and as such we cannot and do not give advice on financial, tax, or legal matters. Our trainings and services are for educational and entertainment purposes only. No matter what you may hear us discuss, which is based on our own personal experiences and/or that of our customers, in the end our best advice is... DYOR (Do Your Own Research) and consult your own accountant, financial advisor, legal advisor, and/or tax advisor before investing.

Max Yields Crypto | $997

Enrollment includes 2 courses:
Max Yields Crypto | How to Earn 15-20% Interest without Trading (on US dollar stablecoins)Max Yields | Decentralized Finance (DeFi) 101 and 201 Bonus Course, a $1,500 value freeOnce exchange account is funded (1-7 day ACH transfer) you can start earning in 20 minutes

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"The best money I've ever spent." - Timothy B.
"Max is phenomenal. So smart, and he cares." - Lindsey L.
"I feel so much more empowered and knowledgeable after my time with Max." - Mellisa R.

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Crypto and DeFi have steep learning curves. And if that wasn't enough, it is hard to know who to trust.

Let this be an invitation to those who have felt excluded from finance or technology to come and make this world their own.

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